Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Get Up and Go

is Get Up and Done!

I spent a hour or so yesterday repacking our 72 hour kits. (A small rolling suitcase filled with everything we would need for 72 hours if we were refugees due to some catastrophe like a fire or ice storm or tornado or hurricane or... you get the picture.)

Our previously packed kits had been dumped into garbage bags when we needed the back packs for something else. Then because of the easy access, little items started being pilfered. All the treats were gone. Both pocket knives were in Ryan's room. I had used the tampons when I was out a few months ago and the money had been used to put gas in the car before I started my teacher's salary. It was time to update.

The most frustrating thing was I couldn't find my master list on the computer. I changed computers last summer and I thought I had emailed all my important documents to myself. The 72 hr. kit list was not important I guess because I couldn't find it. I finally found an old hard copy file in the file cabinet and spent some time re-typing it. While I did spend  some time yesterday creating a Drop Box account to store all my documents, I thought I would copy it here for a second reference and to help any of you.

I used to have my kits in large school bags - one for each person with as much of the same stuff as possible. When I had to use my kits during an ice storm two years ago (we were living at the church), I realized a few things that weren't working for me. Way too many bags! Too many back packs, too many little sandwich zip lock bags. Drove me crazy. So now I have one roller suitcase with 1 smaller back pack. Much better!

Hope you are warm!

72 Hour Kits

Food & Water
3 gallons Water & water bottle
72 hours food (see below)
1 – lg metal cup
1 metal spoon
Water filter or Purification tablets

Warmth & Shelter
Matches (Waterproof & Strike Anywhere)
Rain poncho
Blankets (space & Wool )
White sheet
Inflatable pillow & earplugs

Sweats (blue bottoms & grey tops)
2 Underwear
2 socks

Personal Hygiene
1 roll TP
Hand Sanitizer
Bar Soap
Wash Cloth
Toothpaste & brush
Hand lotion
Contact Solution & Case
Glasses & case
Chap stick
Hair barrette & elastics
Feminine products
Laundry Soap

First Aid
First Aid Kit:
            Alcohol wipes
            Latex gloves
            Cough drops
            Triple antibiotic
Thermo monitor
Ace bandage
Safety pins
ER booklet (BSA)
Consecrated oil

Tools & Communications
Calling card (pre-paid)
Pocket Knife
Sewing Kit
Flashlight & batteries
Paper, pen, pencil, & sharpie
HAM radio
Map (laminated)
3 trash bags
Rubber bands
Baby Wipes
2 Disposable diapers
Scriptures (military size)
Good book (funny short stories)

Money & Documents
Fanny pack (necessary to hold all the important stuff) 
$50.00 - $100.00 (small bills)
ID card (name, SS#, DOB, address, phone #’s, ICE#)
Child ID cards w/ fingerprints
Medical prescriptions & Dr. info
Extra house & car keys
Back-up CDs (computer, genealogy, photos)
Copies (patriarchal blessing, insurance policies – car, life, medical, 
shot records, birth certificates, SS cards, Driver’s License, Passport, Car titles)

Seasonal Stuff
Heavy socks
Stocking hats/Gloves/Scarf/ear band
Hand warmers
Bug repellant

Food Ideas
Applesauce/fruit/pineapple cups
Breakfast / Granola Bars
Hot chocolate/cider
Honey Packets
Crackers (saltines/graham/ animal/Ritz)
Tuna or chicken pouches
Soup – dried mixes/pop-tops
Vienna Sausages
Seeds & Nuts
Cheese & Crackers
Trail mix / Jerky
Raisins/Dried Fruit
Fruit snacks/roll-ups
Cookies / Pudding / Jello cups
 Hard Candy / Gum

Don’t Forget to Grab:
Heavy shoes
Wallet / Keys
Cell phone & charger

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Meghan said...

I love the idea of having things in a little rolling suitcase. I really need to get this taken care of for my family.

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