Monday, December 29, 2008

The List

Last year I knew our marriage was struggling. I needed to improve but I am not creative. However, I am a great gleaner of others' fabulous ideas so I spent a few hours searching archives of a couple of discussion boards and the internet for tips on how to show love, date ideas, and improve romance. Unfortunately, my marriage disintegrated within weeks of compiling "The List". I am still excited about these ideas so I share them with all of you in the hopes that they can provide lots of laughter, fun & memories to cherish forever. Without further ado, The List.

Get up with him & make him breakfast
Always wave good bye
Call him "lover" or another sweet nickname
Yummy, passionate kisses when he leaves &/or comes home
Leave white board marker messages on the mirror or in the shower
Hold hands in the car aor walking together
Make dinner together
Clean up dinner together - snap towels, squirt each other with the water hose, make beards out of the bubbles
Play "your" song and dance in the living room
Leave flirtatious voice mail messages
Leave "coded" messages on pagers, cell or email - such as 143 (I love you - each # stands for letters in word) or SHMILY (See How Much I Love You.) etc.
Pack lunch - include a treat, card, garter. Use valentine cookie cutters year round on sandwiches & cookies
Fix hair & make-up daily. Re-apply lipstick & perfume before he comes home.
"Daddy Dinner" with his favorite meal on china and w/ candles
Shop together: groceries, Home Depot, antique stores, Bass Pro
Decorate "his" parking spot (at home or at work) with sidewalk chalk
Decorate his car while at work
Card / Ecard / letter
Fill his car with gas & leave a single rose or note on the the steering wheel or a new air freshner
Share your "passion" foods, such as chocolate covered strawberries, shrimp, fondue, etc.
Send flowers/singing telegram/balloons to his work

Date Ideas
Attend temple together (esp. with family names)
Attend adult session of confrence & go out for dessert together
Workout together
Board or Card games / Puzzles (cribbage, sequence, chess, checkers, statego, speed, etc.)
Read a book together
Stargaze in the backyard
Play a sport together (tennis, racquetball, frisbee golf, tetherball, etc.)
Bike ride
Hike & picnic
Fly a kite at the park or beach
Treasure hunt/ Geo-caching / Letterboxing
Eat Out- Nice restaurant (just dessert or appetizer if $ is low) take out - Pizza or chinese
Arcade date: bowling, pool, air hockey, foosball, mini-golf, laser tag, paint ball, etc.
Window shop: motorcycle shop, sports & outdoors stores, model homes, plane hangers
Arts & Crafts: take a class together - sculpting, gardening, home improvement, cake decorating, etc. Make if fun, not necessarily serious.
Sight Seeing: Museums, local tourist areas, Planetarium, Zoo
Music Date: check out different kinds of music from the library, make new playlists, share old music memories
Culture date: concert, play, or lecture in parks, museums, high schools, universities, etc.
Bookstore date: browse together or separately and then enjoy a dessert or cocoa or smoothie together discussing book choices or enjoying live music.
Dancing date: country line dancing, ballroom, historical, Latin, etc.
Water Date: Aquatic center, water park, hot tub, spray park, squirt guns, slip & slide, etc.
Snow Date: make a snowman, snowball fight, snow angels, skiing, snowboarding, sledding - come home for hot chocolate
Movie Night: make a kit with some munchies & soda. Smoothies or Root Beer floats. DVD at home or dollar movies. Quote as many lines from movies as you can. Make these part of your regular speech/fun jokes.
Adventure date: skateboarding at a skate park, in line skating, roller skating, ice skating, Rock climbing/Repelling, ropes course, etc.
Outdoors: Camping or cabin (backyard if $ is low), canoeing, boating, rafting, etc. Horse or sleigh riding, four wheelers, target shooting, Archery, etc.
Mini-Honeymoon: First go to the temple for an endowment session and sealings if possible. After go out for a nice dinner & then on to a bed & breakfast. Sight see & take lots of pictures.

Gift Ideas:
Message in a bottle: write a love letter, insert in a bottle & toss in the tub or pool
Make a favorite mix tape/play list ("These songs will always make me think of you...")
Monogrammed towels (big & fluffy)
Love Rocks - write a love note or quote and leave in his pockets or give as a paperweight. Start a vase to collect all your love rocks over they years.
Sheets - 800 count sheets or silk sheets
Romantic pictures
Scrapbook or DVD montage of your life together
Tickets to sporting events or movies


shara said...

Thanks again, woman! I will use some of these w/ my guy. Love you bunches. We need to talk sometime soon.

Veronica said...

Thanks for sharing, I've been trying to do more things with Pete but I couldn't come up with any ideas!

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