Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Will Become of this Little Blog...

It has been a year since I posted and even before that, posts were random at best. By way of catch up...
we are older and I will say, wiser.

Ryan is driving. Solo. He is old enough to date and is starting to get mail from colleges and branches of the military. He has discovered a new love - snowboarding and is finding that the NW has its perks. He broke his wrist snowboarding a few weeks ago but that didn't stop him from continuing to snowboard the entire day he broke it nor return to snowboard all day yesterday with a cast. ;) He has also joined Concert Choir and even made a men's competition choir. He really loves it. He has also added Speach and Debate and track (Javelin & discus) to his list of hobbies and plans to try out for golf next fall. He is participating in the youth conference choral festival this year and practices have already begun. He will be one of 1200 youth performing in June. Lastly, he gets to go on an INCREDIBLE 50 miles backpacking trip through the Pacific Crest Trail. Sooooo jealous!

I teach Kindergarten in a Dual Language Elementary (Spanish/English). I've been staying busy with church responsibilities and I help with the Nativity Festival this past year as well. Mostly, this move has been about re-connecting with family for me. Lots of family time or responsibility which has been good. I've started getting into geneaology a bit - mostly recording my grandmother's stories.

Parents often worry over moves and changes for their kids. I am sure the concerns are valid - often they are leaving friends, sports, and comfort zones for the unknown. But in all of our worry, I think we sometimes forget there are wonderful pros to starting over. It is an opportunity to change, to try new things, to re-invent ourselves. I look at all this move has brought us and it is good. Healthy. Positive. It has added to each of us. We miss our family, friends and kindred spirits from Oklahoma desparately but have found that we didn't leave them behind. We carry them with us.

As to current events - church has been cancelled as we enter day 3 of snowed in & homebound. I LOVE it. I am most happy at home. I really love cooking, cleaning, planning and being home. These 3 days have felt like a personalized gift. As the snow fell, I realized how much I love and had missed winter in the NW. I loved the big, fluffy flakes that stick to your eyelashes without melting. I loved that it wasn't so cold that we couldn't enjoy the outside. I loved, loved, loved the snow in the pine trees, especially at night. It has been a beautiful & wonderful weekend.

So what will become of this little blog... I'm not sure. I was catching up on a friend's blog today and realized, I do want to share my voice and write our story. So I will end with a couple of  questions I ask Ryan each night when I say good night -
What was the best part of the week? - Winter and my re-discovery of it. So wonderful to relive childhood and learn something new about yourself.
What was the worse part of the week? - Realizing that a word I say fairly frequently has not been heard with the same meaning I have been thinking. Some vocabulary housekeeping is in order. ;)

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