Monday, December 27, 2010


So the other day Ry said the word 'suck' about 3 times. I made a comment that we do not use that word around here and he was definitely old enough to come up with a better word. He acted like he didn't hear me but about 5 mins. later I heard him say, "Man! That really vacuums!"
Works for me.

Christmas 2010

Ryan and I celebrated Christmas a day early as he was going to Tim's on the 24th. We had our Bethlehem dinner on Christmas eve - lentils, chicken, pita bread, hard boiled eggs, olives, and orange slices. It really is my favorite part of the season. We eat from wooden bowls with our fingers sitting on the floor with candle light and the Christmas tree lights. Afterward we watched The Nativity and then read the story from the scriptures. I always feel so peaceful on Christmas Eve.

Ry is getting older - he slept in until 7:30! We have had a tradition for years of me writing him a letter and leaving it in his stocking. Imagine my surprise when I found a letter from him in my stocking. It was the best gift.

Christmas is pretty simple here - only two of us and we have simplified to 3 gifts and the stockings. Ryan got new boots which he loves, an art set w/ a sketch pad, and his dog Indy from me. Indy is a 3 month old puppy (basset hound/beagle mix) She is dang cute which is her saving grace while we continue to potty train. He also got a watch, some jerky and a Calvin and Hobbes book. When he saw the book he said, "Hey! Now I'll get my 30 mins. of reading done!"

We went to breakfast at our friends, Howard and Cheri's home and then to the movies to see Tron. I am averaging taking him to the movies about once per year or once per 18 months. Afterward, I took him to meet Tim.

Christmas day for me was a bit strange - I felt like I had time traveled a day ahead of everyone else. It didn't really feel like Christmas because it felt like Christmas the day before. I spent the day sleeping, talking to family and visiting friends.

I hope you all had a safe and loving holiday!

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